What the Best NBA Channels Do Right

NBA season has started once again, and fans are already talking about the playoffs. The excitement over the Warriors super team, as well as contenders like the Spurs and Thunder, has been overwhelming.

Although fans still watch games in real time on television, more than ever people are going to YouTube to stay in-the-know. YouTube has increased its connection to the NBA and sports as a whole.

Here’s how they are making watching the game even more fun.

1. They are timely.

Fans want to be able to refer to videos on social media as quickly as possible to show their friends that missed the play of the game. Immediate gratification comes from channel Ximo Pietro.

Game highlights and analysis are posted only moments after certain games end. In under a day, the views begin to accumulate.

2. They connect to the culture around the sport.

Basketball has a rich culture that exists beyond the league. Between sneakers, jerseys, and history, there is a lot to know beyond Xs and Os.

The Air Jordan brand continues to grow because it has reached younger basketball fans through YouTube. The channel combines the tradition of past great players with future hall-of-famers like Russell Westbrook.

3. They entice new NBA fans.

The NBA brand is continuously growing in global popularity. Different channels show ambassadors of the game traveling abroad to spread the word about basketball.

Warriors guard Steph Curry recently visited Asia. Channels like Ximo Pietro capitalized on the video, taking Steph’s Asia tour worldwide through the Internet.

The Internet is helping internationalize basketball. YouTube is good for the NBA, NBA fans, and those who do not know they are a fan yet. The accessibility and volume of NBA videos makes getting into basketball as easy as typing NBA into a YouTube search bar.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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