What Sets This YouTube Channel Apart From The Others

Celebrating his nine year anniversary on YouTube, this content creator has to ask what makes his channel so unique that he could entertain the people of the internet for so long. He is one of the largest Latino personalities on YouTube and gets millions of views on each video.

Here is what sets YouTuber SUPEReeeGO apart from other channels.

1. He believes less is more.

Some people believe that keeping a large internet presence means posting every day, but SUPEReeeGO would disagree. He is involved in other endeavors to advance his career, so he only posts about once or twice a month. It leaves fans in suspense, but they know for a fact that time makes the content great.

A part of his ongoing series, Cholo Adventures, is this much-anticipated video.

2. He has a questionnaire segment.

SUPEReeeGO is a fan of his fans. He responds to them on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Occasionally, he will combine all the platforms to add to his #askEGO segment. The videos include questions that required longer responses than what Twitter or Instagram allows or ones where he just wanted to showcase the goofy questions his fans come up with.

The first question and answer that he did was a few years ago.

3. He uses his cultural background to attract viewers with similar ethnic makeups.

As stated before, SUPEReeeGO is Latino. A lot of his videos are about being Mexican or the Cholo lifestyle. While growing up in Compton, he has experienced or seen all the things that he talks about. He makes videos to entertain people, but he also remembers to honor and respect the culture that he and some of his viewers may share.

For Christmas, he released a video about what typically happens in a Mexican household.

4. He has two internet personalities.

To show his acting ability, he created an alter ego. He could be the regular Ego or Cholo Ego. Not too many channels vary between their characters like Ego does, but this is a great technique if a YouTuber is looking to create complex content on his or her channel. Skits could be revamped in two ways if the other personality wasn’t included in the original.

The two Egos battle it out in this video below.

5. He includes tutorials.

The tutorials are always supposed to be funny, but by the end of the video, the view always walks away with at least one life lesson. Most YouTubers make tutorials strictly business and information because people have searched the internet to learn how to do something properly, but he adds his own flair to his how-to videos.

If trying to pick up girls was an objective, SUPEReeeGO has it covered.

SUPEReeeGO will be making more videos in 2017, but he has been working on movies and other projects. Like this YouTuber, any channel can benefit from adding their own culture insight to the channel; viewers will appreciate it.

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Tia Burton studies Communications, Spanish, and Creative Writing at the University of Michigan. She enjoys watching movies and traveling and will be spending a semester abroad in Argentina.

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