What Goes Into A Channel Trailer?

Like a summer blockbuster or a long-awaited sequel, your channel deserves an epic trailer. You can create a short video to advertise your content. Then, any new viewer who checks out your channel will see it at the top of your home page.

Here’s what goes into a channel trailer.

Introduce yourself.

Most importantly, your channel trailer should introduce who you are. Think of yourself as the main character in a movie. Viewers want characters they can relate to, so your channel trailer should showcase what makes you worth watching.

Introduce yourself in a way that stays true to your personal brand. For example, if you portray yourself as a serious filmmaker, then you wouldn’t want to introduce yourself through bloopers and snarky one-liners. However, if you brand yourself as a comedian, then those clips would it perfectly.

Use a voice over to introduce yourself. Give your name and a little bit of demographic information. You should mention anything that makes you stand out as a creator.

Include clips from any viral or noteworthy videos viewers may have seen you in.

Your channel trailer should also remind viewers of where they might know you from. If you’ve had a video go viral, include it in your channel trailer. Briefly describe the experience of going viral and how your channel has grown since.

You should also mention any specific videos or series you’re known for. For example, if your followers look forward to a certain series you update every month, showcase that series early in your trailer.

Mention other projects they may know you from.

Oftentimes, content creators do more than make YouTube videos. If you’ve been in a movie, written a book, released an album, hosted a podcast, etc., then you should include this information in your channel trailer.

Describe how your outside projects relates to your YouTube content. For example, if viewers might know you from your small role in a movie, then your channel trailer might highlight the comedy sketches you make.

Showcase your typical content style.

The main portion of your channel trailer should showcase the typical style of the content you upload. This part can be edited montage-style. Use clips that highlight your sense of humor, editing style, and general demeanor.

You might even do a voice over on top of your montage. For example, in their channel trailer, the Try Guys talked about their upcoming videos over clips of their old content.

Share your upload schedule.

Finally, your channel trailer should inform new viewers when to expect new videos. That way, they’ll know when to check back. End your trailer by sharing your upload schedule.

You should verbalize your upload schedule as well as have it written out onscreen. You might also include an element in your end screen that displays your upload schedule one more.

Once you’ve finished editing your channel trailer, upload it as a regular video. Then, go to “Customize channel” in your YouTube Studio. Click “For new visitors” under the “Home” tab.” Finally, select the edit button and click “Change trailer.”

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