How To Balance A Side Channel With Your Main Channel

Many vloggers run two channels. The “main” channel is the first channel they started, where the content they want a large audience to see goes. A “side” channel, however, can be whatever the vlogger’s heart desires. It may be used for a different type of content or to upload videos the vlogger decided weren’t good enough for their main channel.

Having a side channel is great for growing your audience and increasing your revenue. Here’s how to balance a side channel with your main channel.

Keep strict upload schedules for both.

You should already know that an upload schedule helps you retain a steady viewership. Viewers should know when to expect knew videos so that you can get maximum views on your upload day.

By having strict upload schedules for both your main channel and your side channel, you’ll be able to schedule your filming and editing time accordingly. You can advertise your separate upload schedules in videos on both channels. Be sure to include them in your video descriptions as well.

For example, Liza Koshy uploads to her side channel every other Monday. Viewers can easily find the upload schedule in the channel’s about section.

Allow your secondary channel content to be more relaxed.

Your main channel should host the content you’re most proud of. You have high standards for these videos, so your viewers’ expectations are likely equally high. However, if you film a video you’re less than thrilled with or have an idea that wouldn’t suit your main channel, you can upload it to your side channel.

Bunny uploads product tests, makeup hauls, and other beauty-related videos to her main channel, Grav3yardgirl. However, she also enjoys making unboxing videos and other extremely niche videos, which she uploads to her side channel, banana peppers.

Occasionally replace side channel uploads with live streams.

Sometimes, you might not have time to film two videos in a single week. Maybe your main channel video took longer to edit than you expected, or you’re packing to go film on location. Instead of skipping your side channel upload, consider holding a live stream.

AmazingPhil goes live on his side channel, LessAmazingPhil, quite often. He then uploads the recorded live streams as videos so viewers who missed the streams can still enjoy them.

Film videos for both channels in the same session.

You can get all of your filming out of the way at once by recording videos for both channels in one session. After filming for your main channel video, film your side channel video as an offshoot of the first one.

Every time Rhett and Link upload a new video to Good Mythical Morning, they also upload a second part to their side channel, Good Mythical More. These videos have been filmed in the same session, with the side channel video focusing on something similar to what the main channel video covered.

To balance a side channel with your main channel, keep strict upload schedules for both. Batch film your videos, and don’t put too much pressure on your side channel content.

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