How You Can Apply For The VidCon Creator Grant

Though recent changes to YouTube’s monetization policy have put smaller creators at a disadvantage, the major YouTube convention VidCon is stepping up to help support these channels. At the end of this year’s VidCon, vlogger and VidCon co-founder Hank Green announced that the company will be award $2,000 grants to up-and-coming creators every week for a year.

Here’s how you can apply for the VidCon Creator Grant.

1. Make sure you’ve been uploading at least two videos a month for the past six months.

The VidCon grant is meant to support creators who work in online video. In order to be classified as such, applicants are required to have uploaded at least two videos a month for the six months prior to applying.

However, it doesn’t have to just be YouTube videos. If you’ve been posting videos to Twitch, Instagram,, or another online video program alongside your YouTube content, you’re still eligible.

Before applying for the grant, think of how you can show VidCon you’re serious about online video by keeping a strict upload schedule.

2. Don’t worry about not having enough views.

Because the grant is aimed at supporting small creators, only those who average fewer than 150,000 views per video are eligible to apply. You must also live in the US.

If you have a bit of a larger viewership, consider applying for individual video sponsorships through Famebit instead.

3. Fill out the application online.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, then you can apply for the VidCon Creator Grant here. The application asks for details such as your view count and social media handles.

Get caught up on other important YouTube updates that can help you grow your channel by checking out VidCon’s industry keynote below.

VidCon is giving away a total of fifty-two $2,000 grants to smaller creators. If you’re awarded a grant, you can use the money for whatever you want, from new equipment to an ambitious project to bills.

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