What Every Creator Can Learn From YouTube Rewind 2019

YouTube Rewind 2018 became the most disliked video in all of the platform’s history. Instead of ignoring the issue or repeating its past mistake, YouTube took a much different approach to YouTube Rewind 2019. The new video celebrates creators by sharing stats on the most popular uploads of the year.

Here’s what every creator can learn from YouTube Rewind 2019.

Your audience will respect you when you admit your mistakes.

With seventeen million dislikes, YouTube Rewind 2018 was historically bad. However, rather than ignore the controversy surrounding the video, YouTube began its 2019 Rewind by acknowledging the failure of the previous year.

Ignoring your own mistakes will never be the right thing in the eyes of your audience. If they call you out on something, acknowledge their feedback and assure them you’ll do better moving forward. It could be something as major as an explosive online drama or as simple as a lighting change your viewers don’t like.

Originality goes further than you think.

From Shane Dawson’s expose of the beauty industry to Black Gryph0n’s fifty-four impressions, the most-liked creator videos featured in YouTube Rewind 2019 all stood out from the thousands of hours of other content uploaded to YouTube. Even the most-liked music videos were extremely originally, from Lil Nas X’s rap/country crossover featuring Billy Ray Cyrus to J-Hope and Becky G’s trilingual cover of “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

Even though your instinct may be to follow the crowd when it comes to popular video trends, these creators prove that original content is more likely to go viral. Create videos like no one else has ever seen before. That’s how MrBeast created the most-liked video of 2019.

You’re creating content for a global audience.

YouTube Rewind 2019 didn’t feature solely American creators or even Western ones. The video celebrated creators from all across the world, highlighting a select few who made major YouTube firsts in their countries.

It’s not just YouTubers who are diverse and international. As a creator, you’re making content for a global audience. You can reach more international viewers by adding subtitles to your videos. Find out how in the video below.

Gaming, music, and beauty are still thriving on YouTube.

YouTube has long been a place for beauty lovers, gamers, and music fans to learn more about what they love. YouTube Rewind 2019 featured the top videos from all three niches, proving that these communities are still thriving on the platform.

If you’re strapped for video ideas, try creating something in one of these genres. Even if they’re not your typical style of content, you can find ways to include them on your channel. For example, you might allow a friend who loves to dye their hair to pick the color yours should be, or you might go into a round of Fortnite with a unique goal.

Viewers gravitate towards content with a high production value.

Many of the videos featured in YouTube Rewind 2019 were highly produced. A lot of popular creators film inside their own studios with the help of producers, editors, etc. Viewers enjoy these videos because of both their quality and their entertainment value.

In the coming year, work towards upgrading the production value of your content. It could range from hiring a freelance editor to simply learning how to light your videos well. Start by checking out beginner-level filmmaking tutorials for easy tips and tricks.

YouTube Rewind 2019 celebrates the success of creators all across the globe. With such a massive potential audience, there is room for every creator to thrive.

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