4 Tips For Launching A New Video Series

Video series are great for increasing your watch time and your audience retention scores. Casual viewers may even subscribe so they don’t miss the next installment. Plus, series allow you to dive deeper into a topic you’re interested in.

To get your next video series off to a strong start, follow the tips below.

1. Plan out the first few videos before you start filming.

The more you plan your series out, the better each individual episode will be. Begin with a proposal for the overarching theme or storyline of your series, then build out an outline. Break your outline down into episodes.

Next, construct a timeline around your outline. Make a schedule for what you’re going to film and when. Be sure to schedule time to edit and promote your videos as well.

If you’re prefilming everything for your series, consider scheduling your uploads. That way, you can focus on promoting your series and getting ahead on your next project over the length of its first season.

2. Promote it as the first episode of a new series instead of a regular upload.

Make sure your viewers know you’re starting a new series from the get-go. Instead of mentioning you might turn a new video into a series, be intentional about promoting the series as a whole.

For example, the Try Guys recently started a new series of storytimes. Instead of promoting the first episode as simply “The Story of How We Left BuzzFeed,” they told viewers it was the first episode of their new series, “From 4 Different Perspectives.”

3. Give your series a dedicated upload day.

When you’re starting a new series, you should plan how to integrate it into your regularly scheduled content. There are two different ways to do this. You can either upload new episodes on your regular upload day, or you can dedicate a different day to uploading episodes of your new series.

Natalia Taylor uploads new videos every Monday. Occasionally, she uploads on Fridays as well, so, for the month of December, she decided to upload a new Vlogmas video every Friday alongside her Monday videos.

4. Hook viewers with a teaser trailer for the next installment.

You can generate interest in your new series before the first episode by uploading a trailer. Tease your viewers with the most shocking, clickbaity footage from your series. Give them plenty of drama and intrigue, and leave them with cliffhangers.

Shane Dawson promotes his documentary series with trailers, such as the one below. He also adds a teaser trailer for the next installment to the end of every episode.

Launching a new video series requires a lot of planning beforehand. Stick to an upload schedule and promote your series as a whole rather than just video by video.

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