What Creators Should Know About The New Live Control Room

Near the beginning of 2019, YouTube streamlined all of its desktop live streaming tools into Live Control Room beta. Thanks to its success, its beta label has been removed, and YouTube is adding even more cool features.

Here’s what creators should know about the new Live Control Room.

There’s a new dark mode interface.

Many social media platforms, YouTube included, are designed with bright, white, attention-grabbing interfaces. While this makes posts easier to read in the daytime, many users appreciate a dark mode interface for later at night.

The new Live Control Room is designed with a dark mode interface from the get-go. The black background and white font reduce glare, making streaming at any time of day much more comfortable.

You can create a highlights video to share later.

Sometimes, viewers can’t make it to a scheduled live stream. Other times, those who do wish they could rewatch the stream later. Now, you can solve both problems by creating a highlights video.

While you’re streaming, you can create a highlights video of all the best parts of your stream. You can also save it so that you can edit it and upload it later on.

Measure your viewer engagement with new widgets.

Two new widgets make tracking your viewer engagement super easy during your stream. The viewer activity widget lets you see your Memberships activity, Super Chat, and Super Stickers in real time.

In addition, the stream health widget gives you insight into your ingestion quality. It also measures the health score of your stream, all while you’re still live.

New tools make managing your streams easier.

All your scheduled and current streams are now saved in one place. You can see them and manage them in the improved managed tab.

You can also organize your live streams with custom stream keys. Create and save unique stream keys to keep your streams in order.

With its beta label removed, the Live Control Room is ready to help you make the most of your live streams. Utilize its new features to reach your audience in real time.

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