How This Vlogger Took A Long Break Without Killing Her Channel

Many vloggers are hesitant to take a break, no matter how much they need one. Pausing your weekly uploads could mean losing your place in YouTube’s algorithm, or you may risk losing your audience’s attention.

That isn’t always the case, however. When Mykie, the creator behind Glam&Gore, returned from a three-month break, she got twice as many views as some of her previous videos had.

Here’s how Mykie from Glam&Gore took a long break without killing her channel.

She announced her break in a video rather than a social media post.

Oftentimes, when vloggers decide to take a break, they make the announcement on Twitter or Instagram. However, not all of their viewers may see those updates. A fan who only follows that vlogger on YouTube could miss out on the announcement and then decide to unsubscribe from the seemingly inactive channel.

Mykie made a smart move when she announced her break in a video. Rather than sandwiching the announcement in with a seemingly typical video, she dedicated an entire video to sharing her reasons for taking a break. That way, all of her fans knew what was going on, and they also knew when to expect her back.

She set a definitive time period for her break.

Mykie didn’t just say she was going on a break then disappear for a year. Vloggers who go on breaks without saying when they’ll be back may scare viewers into thinking they’re never coming back at all.

Even though Mykie went a little over the three-month period she set for herself, her viewers were still able to rest assured they’d have her back soon. By not leaving them hanging indefinitely, she was able to maintain her fans’ loyalty.

She continued sharing content on other platforms.

Mykie didn’t completely disappear from the social internet during her break. Even though she wasn’t uploading videos to YouTube, she continued posting to other social media sites.

She continued doing things to promote her channel as well. She even attended Vidcon, which she described in the caption of the Instagram post below.


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Hair twirlin and living my best 90s life at @vidcon 🎀 Today at the panel, a zombae got on the microphone and complimented me on my fitness progress and everyone else in the room clapped 😭 It was the weirdest coolest thing because I often forget I’m really talking to you guys when I blab on my instastories about how much I miss brownies, or how fun it’s been seeing progress. One thing I never forget though is how lovely you guys are and how lucky I am that zombaes are the absolute freakin BEST. Seriously, I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am to actually meet and talk to you and hug you when I get the chance! Thank you for being here for the makeup, the bicep curls, the everything. I hope you give yourselves as solid of support as you’ve given me cause you really freakin deserve it 💕 . . #vidcon#vidcon2019#90s#pink#zombae

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She made her return with a fun video.

Mykie’s first video after her break wasn’t dramatic or heart-wrenching. Instead, it was lighthearted and fun, like most of her content is.

For her return, Mykie combined elements of her viewers’ favorite older videos. She also shared what she’d been up to during her break and thanked her viewers for continuing to watch her past content while she was gone.

Mykie from Glam&Gore was able to take a long break without killing her channel because she told her viewers when she would return. When she returned, she gave them a fun video that got twice as many views as her previous upload.

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