How W Magazine Got Over 49,500,000 Views

W Magazine is an edgy resource for all things fashion, film, music, art, and pop culture. Since 2008, they have cultivated a strong YouTube presence. One of their most popular and well known ongoing series’ is their “Screen Test” series. They are not screen tests for films; they are just specifically formatted interviews edited in black and white.

YouTube viewers love the series, which is consistently updated and always appealing. Here are a few ways that YouTubers can mimic the appeal of W Magazine:

1.  Use a consistent format.

The series is presented entirely in black and white and uniquely edited; the interviewer, Lynn Hirschberg, is largely unincluded. The subject of the interview, usually an actor or actress, director, model, or musician, is edited answering each question without the viewer hearing the question being asked.

Viewers respond well to the consistent format of this series; it means that they always know what they are about to watch, but can still be surprised by the uniqueness of each video and each subject. When creating a video series, try using a consistent format.

2. Create attention grabbing titles.

Another reason for the popularity of this series is most likely its titles; each “Screen Test” title contains an attention grabbing statement or talking point from within the interview; titles like, “Eddie Redmayne Reveals the One Role He Was Miscast In,” “David Oyelowo Has a Man-Crush on Ryan Gosling,” or “Julianne Moore Thinks Michael Fassbender is Hot.”

These titles grab the viewer’s attention and make them interested in watching the video. When posting your videos, make sure to use relevant, interesting titles to entice viewers into clicking the play button.

3. Keep it simple.

Each “Screen Test” for W Magazine is filmed from one angle, straight across from the subject. This series does not utilize fancy editing or camera tricks; it allows the viewer to completely focus on the subject and what they are saying.

Sometimes, bells and whistles aren’t necessary when creating videos; when in doubt, keep it simple.

W Magazine’s “Screen Test”s use of a consistent format and catchy titles help create a unique, intimate, and appealing series; any YouTuber can draw inspiration from its format and simplicity.

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Jana is a Communication Studies major and French Studies minor at the University of San Francisco. She loves Mac DeMarco, Beyonce, and the ocean.

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