How Traveling Will Make You a Successful Musician

Traveling is great for so many reasons that are pretty obvious: personal growth, relationships, happiness. People might be more surprised that it can significantly develop musical skills.

Here’s why all of the great musicians travel.

1. Restore purpose.

Following the same humdrum routine may lead to tunnel-vision and a creative blockage. Traveling will shake off this constriction, therefore allowing musicians to take a step back from daily routine and restore their purpose as a musician.

By traveling to new, exciting places, musicians can step outside of their comfort zone and reconnect with their musical passion.

2. Integrate cultural influence.

The world is filled with different types of music and instruments. Musicians will naturally integrate different cultures into their sound when travelling the world such as picking up jazz influences from New Orleans or samba from Brazil. The result will be a fresh and unique sound.

Explore all cultural music when traveling. Incorporating the diverse sounds will spread your music through different audiences.

3. Take risks. 

Stepping outside of a comfort zone is scary, but seeing the beauty that result from this creates a knack for risk-taking. Musicians should exercise this muscle of risk-taking. It will carry directly into their music, allowing for endless possibilities.

Traveling forces people to take risks. These experiences will carry over into music and performance.

The best way a musician can flourish is through a new perspective. All musicians should travel to become a greater musician. What better way of gaining perspective then by throwing oneself in a new place?

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Roselie Kelly loves to explore and meet new people. She recently moved to Dublin Ireland, where she spends her time teaching English as a foreign language, running, picking up new hobbies and being a dutiful temp receptionist/runner/errand girl/cookie snatcher!

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