How This Vlogger Built Up An Audience Of 2.5 Million

Vlogger Anthony Padilla has more than 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. His weekly comedy videos get thousands of views within a matter of hours.

Here’s how Anthony Padilla built up an audience of 2.5 million.

1. He got his start as part of a powerful comedy duo.

Anthony first joined YouTube as one-half of Smosh. Along with his friend Ian, Anthony created comedy sketches and other silly videos. They started Smosh more than ten years ago.

However, as he got older, Anthony became interested in a solo vlogging career. He broke away from Smosh and stepped out on his own.

2. He started his solo vlogging career with a chain of collaborations.

After leaving Smosh, Anthony released several collaborations with other major YouTube stars. He worked with Joey Graceffa, Phil Lester, Dan Howell, and Lilly Singh, just to name a few.

These collaborations brought a ton of new viewers to Anthony’s channel.

3. He dedicates himself to one video a week.

Anthony originally tried to make two videos a week. However, when he found himself unhappy with the quality of his work, he decided to dedicate himself to only one video a week. This decision allowed him to make bigger and better content.

Anthony’s subscribers look forward to a new video every Friday.

Anthony Padilla grew up on YouTube as a part of Smosh. However, since venturing out on his own, Anthony has become a successful vlogger in his own right.

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