Useful Tips for the Up & Coming YouTube Star

YouTube has created some of the most prevalent stars of the 21st century. However, not every video goes viral. A lot of work goes into becoming a star.

If you’re having trouble getting your channel noticed, follow these three steps to set yourself on the path towards fame.

1. Have a theme.

Whether it’s music, fitness, comedy, or makeup, your channel should have a theme. Once you find your niche, it will be easier to target your videos and increase subscribers.

This brainstorm gives you 30 simple ideas for a channel theme.

2. Post on a schedule.

Choose a specific night to upload videos and stick with that date. Just like your favorite show, people will begin to anticipate those days.

This video talks about the importance of creating a schedule for YouTube posts.

3. Respond to positive comments.

Engage those who support you. Don’t spend any time on trolls. Keep you channel positive by blocking them and not arguing.

Here PewDiePie reads his positive comments to his subscribers.

Don’t worry if your first video doesn’t go viral. Be consistent, follow these steps and your views will increase.

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