How to Use a Song to Get More Views

When creating YouTube videos, the perfect song can truly determine how entertaining or successful your video turns out to be. Music can truly be a defining element in a film or video of any length; what would Titanic be without, “My Heart Will Go On?”

It can be difficult to choose something exactly right, but here are a few tips to lead you in the right direction when making your next video.

1. Add comedic effect.

YouTube user Hartbeat’s “Watermelon…” video went instantly viral and has been viewed more than three million times. The video uses a cheesy, upbeat song to add even more comedic effect and punctuate the actions of the YouTuber in question. When choosing music for your video, try using something that will make it video funnier and add comedic value.

2. Pay attention to location.

One of Sofia Coppola’s advertisements for the perfume, Miss Dior Cherie, uses a French song by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin to accompany its influences and location. When choosing music for your videos, do not ignore the location; if a song in a different language or one associated with a city or country in particular will enhance or reinforce the atmosphere of your video, use it.

3. Try something nostalgic.

Music that can be considered nostalgic is instantly appealing to a lot of viewers; sometimes it’s fun to see something new paired with a song that you already know and love. For example, the Vogue video below uses “I’m Too Sexy,” by Right Said Fred to complement clips of Paris Fashion Week. If you’re unsure of what song will best fit your video, try using a song that is nostalgic but not overused.

Music can truly make or break a video. Always take the time to test out different options and strategies and settle for nothing less than the perfect song.

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Jana DeGuzman is a Communication Studies major and French Studies minor at the University of San Francisco. She loves Mac DeMarco, Beyonce, and the ocean.

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