How Joey Graceffa Earned Almost Seven Million Subscribers

Joey Graceffa is a vlogger and gamer who has almost seven million subscribers. Combined, his videos have more than one billion views. However, Joey didn’t become one of the biggest names on YouTube overnight.

Here is how Joey Graceffa earned almost seven million subscribers.

1. He got his start as part of a collaboration channel.

Joey first signed up for YouTube alongside his friend Brittany Joyal in 2007. Together, they created a collaboration channel called WinterSpringPro. They made music videos, comedy sketches, and parodies.

Joey started his own vlog channel two years after he first joined WinterSpringPro. He later made a second channel of his own for gaming content.

This is the first video that Joey and Brittany ever uploaded to YouTube.

2. He uploads a new video every single day.

Since 2009, Joey Graceffa has been uploading a new video to his vlog channel every single day. When he knows he won’t have time to make a video, he plans ahead and films enough videos to post during tour or vacation.

To this day, Joey has posted more than a thousand videos. Each one gets hundreds of thousands of views.

Here is one of the videos that Joey pre-filmed to post during his book tour.

3. He competed on reality TV.

In 2013, Joey took his famous personality on the road as a contest in The Amazing Race. He made it all the way to the tenth leg of the competition before being eliminated.

He later teamed up with fellow YouTuber Meghan Camarena to compete in The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

Check out this recap of Joey’s time on The Amazing Race.

4. He branches out into other endeavours.

Joey Graceffa used his YouTube success to branch out into other industries. He designed a line of jewelry called Crystal Wolf. He published a memoir called In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World and a young adult novel called Children of Eden.

Joey has also starred in several short films and web series. He has his own YouTube Red show called Escape the Night.

In May of 2015, Joey released a music video for his original song “Don’t Wait.”

5. He goes out to meet fans.

Joey Graceffa isn’t the kind of vlogger who stays behind his camera. Rather, he goes on tour to promote endeavours such as his latest book. He also attends events like VidCon so that he can meet his subscribers.

Joey continues to vlog while he’s away from home. This makes sure that even fans who live far away still get to be a part of his adventures.

Joey made this vlog while on tour in England to promote Children of Eden.

Joey Graceffa built up a large fanbase through dedication and creativity. By mimicking his path to success, you, too, can find YouTube stardom.

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