How to use Periscope for Music Promotion

Nothing beats the thrill of going live in front of an audience. Periscope, the live video streaming app from Twitter lets you do just that & that too at the touch of a button! It’s fun, it’s live & the best part, it’s Free! While it gives your audience, the power to be a part of the shared experience, you get the opportunity to connect & interact directly with your fans.

You can even announce on Twitter before you go live. The broadcast streamed will be made available for up to 24 hours & can be shared on social media to reach more fans. Learn more on how you can use Periscope for Music Promotion with these tips:

1) Give Regular Updates

Periscope is a very simple & easy tool to broadcast updates regularly to your fans. Just set a regular broadcast schedule on a monthly or weekly basis & go live, minus the hassles of recording, editing & handling multiple devices.  All you need is a smart phone or a tablet, good internet connection & you are good to go. You can even schedule Periscope sessions for sharing the updates on each pit stop you make in your tour.

2) Encourage Live Chats

Unlike a traditional one way format of media, Periscope lets your viewers engage directly with you. Your followers will be instantly notified whenever you go live. You can interact directly with your fans & fellow musicians. You can schedule a regular Q & A session with your fans. Don’t forget to greet new viewers, as they join in. This will not only help you in finding out more about your audience but will also help build a good rapport in the music community & boost your music promotion, as you are meeting and interacting with people in real time.

3) Surprise your Fans

Felt like humming that beautiful song you always loved or playing that favorite track on your guitar? Share your joy & surprise your audience with live performances on Periscope. This is your chance to be spontaneous & fun. Connect instantly with fans & delight them with special performances on Periscope.

) Share experiences

Periscope makes it easy to share real time events & scenes to a live audience. Whether it’s a glimpse of that mammoth audience you faced at the concert or that chilled out back stage practice session with your band, it is easy to stream it then & there with Periscope. Share  your life experience, as a musician with the world at the touch of a button with Periscope.

Additional recommendations to enhance your Periscope sessions, include the use of external microphone for audio quality & a simple desktop tripod for keeping your device steady. You can even post a short video on an upcoming Periscope session to your fans to gain more engagement during the session. And don’t forget to share the link to your broadcast replays, on social media before the expiry of the 24 hours period. The more hearts you see during a session, the more it shows that they loved it!

With these easy tips, you can successfully use Periscope to surprise & delight your audience & successfully promote your music online.

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