How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Music

Instagram is a highly popular social media platform where users share brunch photos, travel destinations, and their cats. Although Instagram is not directly related to music production, the image sharing app is used by both fans and high profile musicians alike. The following tips are ways you can promote your band with an insta-account.

Make sure your image is relevant: If you want to publicize your newest single, don’t attach that to an Instagram picture of your breakfast. Rather, have the image showcase your album art or a picture of you recording the single in the studio. Better yet, post a short video of a snippet of the songs.

Make a hashtag: Nowadays, many extremely successful albums have a hashtag. You can even use Instagram to showcase some cool band merch. When Demi Lovato started her own skincare line, she created a hashtag for that too! Whether you’re on tour or recording a single, create a hashtag and use it. Fans will appreciate your efforts in trying to get content trending.

Use Instagram to promote your personal brand: Instagram is a great way to allow followers and fans into a snippet of your life. Record the finer things that you happen upon, things that showcase your tastes and personality, so that fans can feel as if they’re interacting with you rather than admiring from afar.

Instagram is an app used by millions of people as a personal social media account. It takes creativity to use Instagram in a way that pushes your brand and promotes your music. Take the next step with your marketing skills and use this list to guide you on your way to musical Instagram success.

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Vivien Bui is a musician and writer. She enjoys going to concerts, writing at night, and sitting in a coffee shop with a good book.

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