How to Improve Your Merchandise Stand Sales

You’re probably preoccupied enough with the details of your live show. However, being passive when it comes to your merchandise stand is a huge mistake. Apply good strategies to make the most of it. Here are some ways you can be increasing sales.

Have a Meet and Greet Next to It: Both before and after the show! If there is crowd of people nearby the merchandise stand, they’ll naturally look at the stuff on sale in front of them. If you present yourself as open and friendly to fans, they’ll want to support you and your career even more.

Have the Merchandise Stand in a Visible Area: If your merchandise stand is behind the stage or in the hallway to the side, no one’s going to see it! Make sure the merchandise stand is located near the venue entrance, or even next to the stage.

Sell a Variety of Items: Give your fans as many merchandise options as possible, so that there’s bound to be a perfect souvenir for each person. This means shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, pens, posters, buttons, stickers, CDs, hats, sheet music, etc. It’d be even better if you included limited edition items, specific to that tour or city. Bonus points if you offer signed items!

Accept Both Cash and Credit: Although making it “cash only” would be easiest for you, it’d be least convenient for your fans. Accept as many credit cards as possible, like VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Chase, etc., as long as you can process them. Keep a lot of change available and secure as well.

And, of course, price each of your items reasonably. More than $20 for a t-shirt is getting expensive and people won’t be inclined to buy it no matter how much they love your music. It’d also be good to advertise bargains like “buy two get one free.” Get creative with your merchandise marketing strategies and use this list for guidance.

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