How Twenty One Pilots Won Their First Grammy

Recently, Twenty One Pilots gave their first ever Grammy acceptance speech without wearing pants. The two artists, together since 2009 and nominees for 5 Grammys, won the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. But how did they finally get their first win?

Here is how Twenty One Pilots got their first Grammy.

1. Their music is unique when compared to other chart toppers.

People love their music because it sounds different than other music. They create music using several different genres, including rap, pop, electronic, and others. Fans love this sound and love how unique it is.

2. Their music has meanings that fans can relate to deeply.

A lot of music created over the years are about love or death or cliche topics. However, Twenty One Pilots talk about serious issues such as depression and anxiety. The lead singer deals with mental health issues and wants to write about them in the songs.

3. Their music is catchy.

Besides just being unique and meaningful, Twenty One Pilot songs are also catchy. When they come on, the listener cannot help but to sing and dance to the song. When they come on the radio, the volume is always turned up.

Twenty One Pilots won their first Grammy because their music is unique, meaningful, and catchy. Fans can sing a long and have fun with the songs, that sound different than what is usually played, but also understand the deep and serious meaning behind the words.

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