Top 5 Ways To Brand Your YouTube Channel

As a content creator, you need to create a specific brand for yourself. This is how people will perceive you on YouTube and across social media. When someone watches one of your videos or reads one of your Tweets, you want them to know exactly who you are. Brand your YouTube channel in these five ways so that your content stands out as consistent and so that you stand out as an individual.

1. Design a channel logo.

Having a logo is the first step to branding your YouTube channel. In fact, this is the very thing that you will build your brand on. Choose something that is simple in design and representative of your music. For example, if you’re a drummer named Tyler Bleu, then a pair of blue drumsticks crossed to form a “T” would be an ideal logo.

Follow this tutorial to make your own logo for free.

2. Add watermarks to your videos.

The YouTube InVideo Programming allows you to add a watermark to your videos. Upload a transparent PNG image of your channel’s logo to create a sense of ownership and unity across your content.

Follow the tutorial below to add a watermark to your next video.

3. Create a channel intro video.

Featuring an introductory video will help new and returning viewers alike know just who you are. It’s like a Twitter bio in video format. Take about a minute to discuss your content, inspiration, and goals.

This tutorial will tell you what’s best to include in an intro video.

4. Use the right kind of icon.

Your icon is essentially the face of your channel. While a silly beach selfie might be great for Facebook, choose something that represents the kind of content that you create instead for YouTube. Add your channel logo to the corner.

Learn how to create a YouTube icon with Photoshop in this tutorial.

5. Keep your brand consistent across all social media platforms.

Viewers turn into followers because they like the person they see in your videos. If you’re sweet and encouraging in your videos but critical and derisive on Twitter, people will see right through you. Keep your online identity consistent to who you are.

This clip offers helpful tips for branding yourself across social media.

Branding your YouTube channel will help establish your online presence. By keeping it professional and consist, you will draw in loyal followers who love your content.

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