Three Ways to Promote Your Music on Facebook

Facebook has 728 million daily users and many other social media accounts hit the same numbers. So, it can do a lot to help musicians get their names out there. Promote your music on Facebook in just a few simple ways.

Keep a Regular Schedule

Post things on a weekly or daily schedule so that people know when to look out for your content. This could range from a new music video to a thirty-second clip of your day. These posts not only help fans know when to expect new music but encourage them to rely on you. Look at how Halsey promotes her upcoming work “COLORS” with a simple post that gets fans excited.


Comment and Like

When people Like or follow your page, it is clear that you have grabbed their interest. Keep their interest by Liking and replying to some comments, or even responding to things on their pages. Telling someone that his or her cover of your song is great can make all the difference for fans. Check out Foo Fighters’ response to the 1000 musicians from Cesena, Italy who moved them with a cover of “Learn to Fly.”

Link it All Together

Your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube should all intersect paths. This is as easy as providing links to your other profiles in content posted. It would be convenient if a Facebook video upload triggers someone who loves it enough to go stalk your band’s Instagram. The fans will feel instantly connected to you. Further, use relevant hashtags to categorize your posts and make them more searchable. Note how Twenty One Pilots use “#XGamesMusicWeek” below to promote their performance at this event.

twenty one pilots aspen

Having a brand is having a mark on the world. Reflect it through your profile picture and cover photo with album art or tour dates. Keep these tips in mind when you start to develop a Facebook page for your music.

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