How To Sell Music Online

The Internet has revolutionized the music distribution process. Artists can now sell music online without having to sign exclusive deals and give up rights and ownership to their work.

Here are four reliable websites through which you can sell your music online:

1. TuneCore


TuneCore is a digital music distribution company that helps artists put their music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, GooglePlay and other online stores. The website was born from the idea that all artists should have affordable and equal access to music distribution channels.

TuneCore offers a fast, easy and affordable means to sell music online. With TuneCore, artists can distribute a single for $9.99 or an entire album for $29.99 in the first year. Further, artists retain 100% of their music rights and revenues.

TuneCore’s artist community has made over $541 million in revenue. The website has also partnered with several high-profile artists and labels such as Jay-Z, Keith Richards, The Civil Wars and They Might Be Giants.

2. ReverbNation


ReverbNation is an artist promotional platform that connects artists to venues, festivals, brands, publishers, labels and fans.

ReverbNation places artists’ music on major digital outlets in the world, at reasonable prices. The website also allows artists to retain 100% of their rights and royalties. In addition, artists can also share their tracks on social networks, showcase their bio and upcoming shows.

 3. CD Baby


CD Baby is one of the largest online distributors for music. It helps artists distribute their music on major download stores and streaming sites. Additionally, CD Baby allows artists to sell CDs and vinyls in record stores, make money from songs on YouTube, sell music on Facebook and collect global royalties.

Artists just have to pay a one-time distribution fee ($9.95 for a single and $49 for an album) to avail all the benefits. Further, artists can retain 91% of their download sales.

Millions of people visit to discover new music every month. So it is a great platform for artists to get discovered and make more money.

4. BandCamp


Bandcamp offers an ad-free space where artists can sell music directly to their fans. The website is a promising retail destination to showcase and sell both music and merchandise.

The beauty of using BandCamp lies in its simplicity. Artists just have to upload music to BandCamp’s site and set up a free PayPal Business account to start selling.

BandCamp allows artists to set the price for their tracks. The website retains 15% from the total fees for digital sales (and 10% when the revenue has touched $5000). In case of merchandise sales, BandCamp retains 10% for each transaction.

To date, fans have paid artists $143 million using BandCamp. It’s a great place to sell music to a large audience.

So what are you waiting for? Get online and start selling!

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