How To Make An Epic Crowdfunding Video

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds for your creative and independent projects. It enables fund seekers to undertake projects and people to contribute funds for campaigns they like.

Crowdfunding campaign video

A crowdfunding video is instrumental to get funding for your projects. Adopt these five best practices and approaches to create an epic campaign video:

1. Explain your project clearly

Your crowdfunding video should accurately describe your project. Below is a list of questions your video must address:

  • Who are you?

Tell viewers about yourself, your background, your team and previous accomplishments.

  • What are you making?

Clearly describe what your product is going to offer and how it will benefit people. Give additional information about the product’s USP and unique features.

  • Where did you get the idea from?

Tell viewers how you came up with the idea for your project. Give viewers some background information about the project to gain their trust.

  • What is your plan to make the project materialise?

Mention your goals and the timeline for achieving them. Let backers know how you plan on creating the product and the resources you are going to use.

  • Why are you keen on this project?

Tell viewers what this project means to you. Backers often judge the fund seeker’s passion and competence before donating.

  • How much is your budget and how are you distributing your resources?

Offer a clear breakdown of how you are going to use the funding. This will reassure viewers that their money is going into the right hands.

Like the below video, clearly describe what is on offer to attract more backers:

2. Be genuine

Being genuine is important to win over backers’ trust. Your video should clearly represent your personality, passion and competence. If you come of as an arrogant or a condescending individual, backers will never be able to connect with you. Therefore, be genuine when you tell viewers about yourself.

Watch the below video for example. The creators share their vision and commitment for the project, which is very essential to gain backers’ trust.

3. Make a short, yet compelling video

Short videos are effective to retain viewers’ attention.  The first eight seconds of your video are very important. If you can hook your viewers within those first 8 seconds, they are more likely to watch the entire video. Thus, make your video short and exciting to spike viewers’ interest.

Elan Lee’s Kickstarter video for Exploding kittens, a card game, is spot on. He uses animation to describe how the game works. This crowdfunding video is short and hooks viewers from the beginning to the end. Watch the below video for some inspiration.

4. Ask for donation

Ask for donations in your crowdfunding video to convert passive viewers into backers. It may sound obvious, but many people hesitate or feel awkward to ask people for help in their videos. However, to obtain tangible results you must use call to action.  

Like the below example, urge people to fund your project at the end of your crowdfunding video.

According to Kickstarter, crowdfunding projects with videos are more successful than those without videos (50% vs. 30%). Thus, follow the above tips to create a successful crowdfunding video.

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