This Is How You Should Be Promoting Your YouTube Videos In 2021

YouTube is a constantly changing landscape. However, it’s not the only part of the internet that’s constantly evolving. The ways people find and share content now are a lot different than they were ten years or even ten months ago. As a content creator, you have to adapt your video promotion strategies in order to keep up.

Here’s how you should be promoting your YouTube videos in 2021.

Make TikTok a key part of your content strategy.

TikTok is the platform of the moment. Virtually anyone can go incredibly viral overnight. Even casual content creators can build huge audiences by sharing minute-long videos. Therefore, as someone who creates content professionally, you should be focused on growing your audience through TikTok.

Think of TikTok videos as the appetizers that will make viewers hungry for your YouTube videos. Share clips from your videos, behind-the-scenes peeks, and minute-long vlogs. You can also use TikTok to introduce yourself to a new audience and talk about what makes your life worth watching.

Use the “swipe up” feature on your Instagram story.

As a social media platform, Instagram is popular with multiple age demographics. With the stories feature, you can share a series of snapshots, clips, and interactive content that will all disappear after twenty-four hours. If you have a business account with more than ten thousand followers, you can add links with the “swipe up” feature.

Use the “swipe up” feature to link your videos as soon as they’re uploaded. You can also share “sneak peeks” of your upcoming videos or a look back at old content to advertise your channel. Additionally, you should put the link to your channel in your Instagram bio. Share your latest video in a “swipe up” story post again a few days after it’s been uploaded.

Encourage your viewers to turn on post notifications.

YouTube’s video ranking algorithm is constantly changing the way it promotes videos on the platform. With the way YouTube’s subscription page currently works, you can never be sure if all of your viewers will see your new videos. The only way to guarantee they’ll be notified of your latest uploads is to have them turn on your channel’s post notifications.

Therefore, it’s important that you encourage your viewers to turn on your post notifications, especially since they have to do it manually. Include something along the lines of “don’t forget to ding that notification bell!” in your call-to-action. You can incentivize your viewers by responding to early comments on your videos or giving weekly shout-outs to the subscribers who left those early comments on your last video.

In order to keep your channel growing, you need to employ video promotion strategies that fit with the current social media landscape. Make TikTok, Instagram stories, and post notifications core components of your content marketing.

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