Before You Apply For The YouTube Partner Program, Do This

New content creators might not realize that in order to monetize your channel, you have to apply for the YouTube Partner Program. In order to be eligible, your channel has to meet a specific set of requirements. There are also certain guidelines and policies you must follow in order to remain eligible.

Here’s everything you need to do before you apply for the YouTube Partner Program.

1. Read through the monetization policies and ensure your content complies with them.

YouTube’s monetization policies consist of several core sets of guidelines. Your content must comply with the Community Guidelines, the Terms of Service, the copyright guidelines, the Google AdSense program policies, and the advertiser-friendly content guidelines. All of these important policies can be found here.

Even though there are a lot of guidelines to go through it’s important that you adhere to all of them now because, when you apply for the YouTube Partner Program, YouTube will review your channel. More specifically, they’ll focus on relevant aspects of your channel, such as its main theme, recent videos, metadata, and most-viewed videos. However, since you never know exactly when your channel will become eligible for monetization, you should ensure all of your content meets the monetization standards.

2. Utilize a call-to-action to help you gain your first one thousand subscribers.

In order to be monetized, a channel can have no less than one thousand subscribers. In terms of the Creator Awards, this puts you at Opal Level. While there’s no official Play Button award you’ll receive for reaching this milestone, it’s still something to be celebrated with your audience.

To achieve this goal, you should include a call-to-action in each and every video you upload. Either in the opening or at the very end, remind your viewers to click on your subscribe button. You can personalize it by inviting them to “join the family” or “be part of the community.” You could even give your audience a fanbase name.

3. Upload consistently so your channel can reach four thousand public watch hours in a twelve-month period.

The second goal you should work towards is reaching four thousand hours of public watch time. Keep in mind that only watch time earned within a twelve-month period counts, so you should focus on getting more views on your most recent uploads as well as your new videos. Likewise, don’t use early video access as a supporter gift on your Patreon because those watch hours won’t count.

Instead, you should continue uploading new videos consistently and make them available for all of your viewers at the same time. Additionally, use your end screen to promote playlists as well as your previous upload. You can also use your call-to-action to direct viewers towards them.

The final step in channel monetization is creating an AdSense account and connecting it to your YouTube channel. Once you meet the eligibility requirements, be sure to apply promptly so you can start reaping the benefits.

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