These Video Promotion Strategies Could Actually Be Hurting Your Channel’s Growth

As a YouTuber, you’ve probably adopted certain strategies for promoting your videos and reaching more viewers. However, some of the most popular strategies could actually be hurting your channel. If your channel’s growth has plateaued, your worn-out video promotion techniques might be to blame.

Here’s what you should be doing instead.

Instead of uploading every day, develop a weekly upload schedule that works for your audience.

Daily uploads used to be a good way to increase your channel’s overall view count, but now, they can hurt your place in YouTube’s video ranking algorithm. Your viewers are probably subscribed to a bunch of different channels, so if you upload a new video every day, they likely won’t be interested in watching them all. You may also reach creative burnout more frequently if you’re grinding out a new video every day.

Instead, you should focus on quality over quantity. Find a style of video you enjoy creating and develop a schedule that accommodates the majority of your viewers. Then, upload one new video at the same time on the same day every week. Both your audience and the algorithm will appreciate consistency.

Instead of aiming for wide audience appeal, tailor your content to your viewer demographic.

As the saying goes, you can’t please everyone. YouTube’s user base is incredibly expansive and diverse; there’s not a single video on the platform that will appeal to every single viewer. By trying to make videos that appeal to everyone, you might end up creating videos that don’t appeal to anyone at all.

Instead, you should focus on creating content that appeals to your target demographic. Use the viewer demographics data in your Channel Analytics to determine who’s already watching your videos. Then, tailor your video ideas to their interests. The “other channels your audience watches” metric will be especially helpful.

Instead of rehashing viral video concepts frequently, utilize brainstorming exercises to come up with new ideas.

Whenever you have a video that does well, it’s smart to reframe the idea for a few more videos. However, you shouldn’t lean on the same idea for every single video on your channel. Your viewers won’t want to watch the same thing over and over, and you don’t want to box yourself in.

Instead, you should dedicate time to coming up with original video ideas every so often. Brainstorming exercises can help get your creative juices flowing. When you allow yourself to think freely, you may be surprised by what you come up with. Check out the video below to learn a few helpful brainstorming techniques.

Oftentimes, the video promotion strategies that are supposed to work for all channels might not benefit your individual channel. Instead, you should focus on finding the strategies that work best for you, even if they don’t follow popular advice.

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