These Tips Will Make Batch Filming Even Easier

Batch filming, or filming several videos in a row, is a great way for content creators to increase their efficiency. However, the idea of working on so many different things at the same time may seem overwhelming. With a little pre-planning and some quick organization, though, you can simplify and streamline the process.

Here are a few tips that will make batch filming even easier.

Set your cameras and lights up in a way that works for every video.

Batch filming isn’t the time to be experimental with your camera angles. For the sake of time, arrange your filming equipment in a way that will work for all of the videos you plan to shoot that day. That way, you won’t have to waste time readjusting your camera and lights between takes.

However, if you think you may need different lenses, gels, or other camera accessories, place them near the camera in the order you plan to use them. You might lay them out on a table or on top of your camera case. That way, you’ll be able to switch them out quickly.

Have outfits at the ready to change into between takes.

An issue many run into with batch filming is that every video looks the same. You can easily resolve this problem by changing your clothes between videos. Then, each video will look as if it was filmed on a separate day.

To streamline your costume changes, have your outfits at the ready nearby. You might hang them in a closet in your home studio or in a room that’s nearby. If you plan to batch film often, then you might consider purchasing a garment rack for your studio or office space.

Create a schedule, script, and shot list to guide you.

To prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed, create a few documents to guide you. Start with a cursory script for each video. You don’t need to write out everything you’re going to say, but bullet points will help you stay on topic. Then, use those scripts to create a shot list of everything you want to film. Note any close-ups you want to get or thumbnail pictures you want to take as well.

Next, create a schedule for your batch filming day. Estimate how much time each video will take to film, and decide on the order you want to shoot them in. Keep all of these documents where you can easily access them between shots.

Export and organize your files between videos.

Another issue you may run into when batch filming is that your camera’s SD card runs out of storage space quickly. To prevent this from happening, especially in the middle of a take, empty the card between videos. Move the files to your computer and organize them so you can easily find the ones you need as you edit.

Additionally, you should keep an extra camera battery charged. Check your current battery between videos and switch them out as necessary. If you don’t have an extra battery, then you should plan the times you’ll need to charge in your schedule.

By batch filming your videos, you can produce more content more quickly. Create a schedule and have everything you need nearby to further increase your efficiency.

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