How This Creator Grew Her Gaming Channel By Inventing Her Own Challenge

Gaming YouTuber Savannah, whose channel name is simssav, is one of the many creators who upload Sims 4 content. She grew her audience of over a hundred thousand subscribers by participating in popular trends and challenges as well as inventing her own. Her “Mystical Motherhood” series helped her channel grow quickly.

Here’s how she did it.

She took inspiration from a popular challenge.

Before she started her “Mystical Motherhood” series, Savannah had been filming her own version of the“100 Baby Challenge.” In this challenge, Sims players try to get their character to have a hundred babies during their lifespan. It’s incredibly popular in the Sims community, and many gaming vloggers have participated.

Savannah’s initial “100 Baby Challenge” video did pretty well considering her audience was still growing. She continues to update the series, which has reached thirty episodes. It’s one of her most popular series.

She worked off-camera to make her videos more visually appealing.

In the “Mystical Motherhood” series, Savannah’s goal is for her Sim to have babies with every “mythical” character in the game. For each new baby, she decorates a bedroom and creates an outfit inspired by their magical origin. This extra attention to detail makes the series more fun for viewers to watch.

A lot of the decorations and clothes Savannah uses aren’t part of the original game. Before filming, she searches for custom content created by other players. She always links to her favorite CC creators in her video descriptions so viewers can find the same designs for themselves.

She included an element of audience participation.

A major element of every successful channel is the strength of the community around it. Savannah’s videos are a conversation with her viewers. Even when she’s not live streaming, she wants to hear their opinions and let them influence her gameplay.

Audience participation plays a big role in her “Mystical Motherhood” series. Whenever her character is about to have a baby, she asks her viewers to suggest names in the comments. Then, in the next video, she chooses her favorites.

Simssav grew a dedicated audience by creating her own Sims 4 challenge. She’s working with her audience to make it into a series they enjoy as much as she does.

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