The Rise of the Music Video

Times aren’t like they used to be. Way back when, sometime around 1910, people used to be satisfied with the simple things in life – dolls, homemade lemonade, those bikes with one huge wheel and one small one, and Charles Dickens.

Nowadays the Internet is only a pocket hole away, offering constant and infinite entertainment and data. And amongst the trillions of numbers and letters that make up its landscape are songs. So. Many. Songs. So many that it’s impossible to differentiate amongst them unless they have some kind of distinguishable characteristic.

Not to fear though. There is a way out of the darkness, back to a world where songs do get played, where fans discover new songs and artists fulfill their dreams: the way of the music video.

If the above historical lesson didn’t convey the importance of the music video enough, here it is in simpler terms: Having a song means access to SoundCloud, Spotify, Last.FM, and many other music websites. You can still post it to YouTube as a still image. This is a good start but it only gets you to where everyone already is.

If you have a music video though, you instantly have a leg up on the competition. You can share your song’s video on YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo, which means legions more of Internet citizens receiving the musical data you’ve uploaded.

Having a music video gets you a chance at the big show. It gives your song a permanently unique story. Since Music Television’s inception (MTV) this is how people have identified the best songs – not just great tunes but visual stories that stimulate their emotions and intellects.

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