3 Tips for Success from Rising Stars

Take it from the ones that have already made it. Here are 3 tips from rising artists:

1) Ryn Weaver – Keep your music organized. If you spend more than 15 seconds looking for a previous recording or a chord, you’re wasting time and breaking train of thought.

2) Proper Villains – Study your idols. Learn what their process is so you can apply it to your process. Listen to the music they listened to for inspiration. I sampled pieces from their tracks and constructed my own knockoffs.

3) Wolf Alice – Write lots of songs. The artist that writes 2 songs a week for 6 months is significantly better than the artist that spends 6 months tweaking a song. Try to write a song in 3-4 hours, these songs will be bad, but gradually they’ll start to become good.

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