The Right Way To Create A YouTube Playlist

Many vloggers know that playlists are an excellent way to increase your watch time and promote older videos. However, did you know that the way you construct your playlist is just as important as sharing it with your viewers?

Here’s the right way to create a YouTube playlist.

Use Creator Studio Classic for improved SEO.

YouTube Studio Beta makes it super quick and easy to create a playlist. However, it doesn’t offer as many options for SEO or other important edits as Creator Studio Classic does.

In Creator Studio Class, go to “playlists.” Then, press “new playlist” at the top of the page. Add a title and click “create.” To make those important SEO edits, go to the playlist and click “edit.”

Add a keyword-rich description.

YouTube treats playlists the same way it treats video. In the search results, your playlist will be ranked based on its relevance to the user’s search terms. Therefore, having a keyword-rich description is necessary for success.

Choose keywords related to the title of your playlist. For example, if your playlist was titled “New Release Eyeshadow Palette Reviews 2019,” then your keywords may include the names of a few of the popular brands you reviewed.

Add relevant videos.

A playlist of every single video you’ve ever uploaded won’t be as effective as a carefully curated playlist of related content. Add videos that relate to one another in some way. If the title of the playlist wouldn’t work as the title of the video, then that video may belong elsewhere.

You should create different playlists for the different types of content on your channel. This will help viewers discover videos they’ll enjoy but haven’t seen before.

Rank your videos based on how you want viewers to see them.

When you click on “more” next to any video in your playlist, you’ll be presented with several options for editing the videos themselves. Most importantly, you can reorder them however you’d like.

You can also add or edit notes next a video. Choose a video to set as your playlist thumbnail, which will automatically put that video at the top.

Check your settings.

Before your playlist is ready to go, there are a few more important things you need to check. Under settings, make sure the playlist is public. If it’s private or unlisted, viewers won’t be able to find it at all.

Next, use the ordering setting to decide how you want the videos to appear in your playlist. If you’re unsure, choose “date added newest” so your most recent upload will appear first. Make sure embedding is turned on so more can share your playlist as well.

Set up an auto add.

You can keep your playlist growing by setting up an auto add. This feature automatically adds new uploads to your playlist when the video titles, descriptions, or tags contain a keyword you set.

If you run multiple channels or collaborate with other vloggers a lot, you can create playlists with them as well. You can add them as playlist collaborators.

Because YouTube treats playlists like videos, having more playlists can help your channel rank better in the algorithm. Create relevant playlists to keep your viewers hooked.

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