The 3 Most Important Characteristics For Content Creators

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Traditionally a derogatory word—in parts of Europe at least—PAP is taking on a new meaning: Persistence, Attitude, and Patience (PAP) — Go PAP or go home.

These qualities are important for achieving your goals. As a content creator, you have dreams: a record deal, high sales numbers, to design your own makeup line… Here’s how PAP can help make those dreams into reality.



There’s really no other way to get to where you’re going other than to employ all of your persistence: If you were on a desert road and your car broke down, you wouldn’t curl up in fetal by the nearest cactus and declare your life over, then just bake in the sun until you resembled a sun-dried tomato, right? No, you’d fix the car, or push it, or walk, or hope to see Megan Fox stepping straight out from Transformers and fixing it, all like: “It looks like your distributor cap is a little loose…”

Persistence is continuing unwaveringly and relentlessly on your chosen path or course of action in spite of opposition or reproach. It’s the biggest ‘P’ there is, and it will lead you straight to the other two important P’s: progress and prosperity.



You don’t have to be as positive as a proton all of the time. However, neutral should be as low as you aim to dip. Attitude is such a sweeping, broad concept when considering it alongside your life, but your attitude has to reflect your goal(s).

If you’re hotheaded, swallow that burning rage and spew it out at the gym or on a run. If you’re a Negative Nancy, turn that negative into neutral then gently work your way up to Never Negative
Nancy — the only person your attitude truly affects long-term is yourself.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently published a piece urging people with negative thoughts to write them down and challenge them — it might be worth a shot if you feel you’re in (constantly/periodically or sporadically) a negative, Debbie-downer frame of mind. Chin(s) up and at ‘em. Be kind, be humble, be prepared to do what’s best for your career, but be prepared to do it with an amiable, responsible attitude.



Patience isn’t a virtue if it’s a waste of time. Persistence coupled and married to patience is more than a virtue, though; it’s an ability with the potential for a high, high—higher than the stratosphere—payoff, and that payoff is success in whichever way you perceive it.

You have to be patient, but persistent in equal measure. In other words, if one door closes just as you got your tootsies in, let it close and kick another one open. Always be patient, because it might take you a little while longer than you hoped to kick the right one down and step on in.

Persistence, attitude, and patience are key to achieving your goals. As a content creator, you must employ all three aspects of PAP in order to make your dreams come true.

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