YouTube Demographics: Knowing Your Fanbase

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While it attracts an even split of women and men, YouTube is still fairly male-dominated. Men spend 44% more time on the site per month. This figure alone demonstrates why establishing and treating your fanbase well is tantamount to views and success.

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Know Who’s Watching Your Videos

Knowing your demographic will help you in a multitude of ways, including points of contact, as well as trends (and taking advantage of them), etc. How, though, can knowing your demographic help you on Youtube? If you know your fanbase, then you can appeal directly to it by promoting to certain age groups.

Use YouTube Analytics to help determine who’s watching your videos. Read through your comments and make notes of the age, gender, and location of the viewers whom most of your audience engagement is coming from. Look through your list of subscribers, too. Who’s following you, and who else are they following? Getting an idea of who your fanbase is will help you determine what kind of content they would most enjoy.

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Advertise To Your Target Demographic

You can also—cash permitting—advertise to the crowd you’re most likely to see a return from. If you’re a heavy metal band, maybe don’t waste money on advertising to the over 80’s brigade. Use YouTube’s free Fan Finder service to help target your specific demographic.

When promoting your videos with social media, use hashtags wisely. Don’t hashtag “#the” for instance. Hashtag what’s important/widely searched by your demographic. For example, if your video is a school day makeup tutorial, then “#onfleek” would be appropriate. However, if your video is about office wear for men over 50, then that particular hashtag might be seen as more of a nuisance than anything else.

You produce content for the people who love to watch you. By knowing exactly who they are, you will be able to decide what videos they’ll like most and what ads best suit your channel.

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