The Habits Of A Successful Creator

While virality can happen overnight, success is built overtime. Over the past decade, a lot of creators have built their own paths to success, and there’s a lot they have in common. As an up-and-coming creator, you can learn a lot from the vloggers who helped shape the industry’s early years.

Here are the habits every successful creator should develop.

1. Upload a new video at the same time on the same day every week.

Consistency is the key to getting your videos to rank higher in YouTube’s algorithm. Your upload schedule should be your channel’s gospel. You should strive to upload a new video at the same time on the same day every single week, no matter what.

In order to ensure your videos will always be uploaded on time, you should follow a filming schedule that’s a few weeks ahead of your upload schedule. Then, once a video is completed, you should upload the file then schedule the post instead of publishing it immediately. Additionally, you should film a backup video that you can have on hand in case you aren’t able to film or finish editing a planned video on time.

2. Glean the comments for helpful feedback, but don’t get caught up in the negativity.

The comments section can be a scary place, especially for content creators. Hidden behind a screen, some people will say anything, and those words can hurt. However, you shouldn’t let that fear prevent you from seeing all of the wonderful comments you fans leave or the helpful feedback you might encounter.

Before you look at the comments on one of your videos, tell yourself that there are only two kinds of comments that matter — kind words and constructive criticism. If you see the same piece of criticism over and over, such as multiple viewers commenting that your background is too distracting or a high-ranking comment complaining about your poor audio quality, then you should take it as constructive criticism. Use it to improve your videos and create a better experience for your viewers.

3. Engage with your audience daily.

Your success depends on the relationship you have with your audience. Think of it like this: do you consider yourself to be closer to the friend you talk to every day or the friend you check in with once every couple of months? Your relationship with your viewers is virtually the same; you can foster a strong bond with them by engaging with them on a regular basis.

Engaging with your audience should be a core part of your daily schedule. However, you shouldn’t limit your interactions to liking their posts or replying to their tweets. Hang out with them in the comments after uploading a new video. Go live on Instagram and reply to their comments in real time. Hold a “Fan Art Friday” event and share their creations with your followers. Be creative and think up unique ways to engage with your most dedicated supporters online.

Your daily routine can help you set yourself up for success as a content creator. Incorporate these habits into your lifestyle to bolster your channel’s growth and connect with your audience.

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