How to Sign the Right Contract

When your effort finally pays off and someone finally offers a deal it will be easy to say, “yes I accept your offer, lemme sign the dotted line!” Hold your horses though – deals are not always what they seem. Here are the questions to ask yourself when this time comes:

1) Am I getting what I want out of this agreement? This is what it all comes down to, why you read the fine print. Are you getting a fair share of revenue? Will you have creative control over your work? Just because you’re finally getting an offer, doesn’t mean you should take it or that the chance won’t arrive again. Always be patient and stand up for your dreams.

2) How do I feel about this business/these people? Always do research on the people you’re wheeling and dealing with. Know their background, who they are, what schools they went to. Gut instincts are usually reliable so if feelings of uneasiness come over you, pay attention to them and proceed carefully. Signing a bum deal or doing business with greedy and shady people could end with you losing money or the very music that brought you stardom.

3) How will my fans feel? Fans are the ones that made it possible for you to be signing a deal and bringing your music to the next step. If they disagree with your decision to sign with the SuperMcJohnson Corporation or feel like you’re selling out you might lose them.

Business decisions have the potential to take your music to unthinkable new heights or wipe away your hard work in one fell swoop. Always take your time and do your research before you sign a contract.

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