The Best Way To Schedule Your YouTube Videos

The most important views come during the first hour after your video is posted. The more views you can get immediately, the quicker your video will rise in the eyes of the video ranking algorithm. All that comes down to how you schedule your uploads.

Here’s the best way to schedule your YouTube videos.

Test different upload days and chart how many views they get within the first twenty-four hours.

First, you need to find what day your audience is the most active. There is no one specific day that’s best for all channels, so you can test different upload days for yourself. Upload on a specific day of the week for a few weeks. Then, change the day. With each new video, chart how many videos it gets in the first twenty-four hours after being uploaded.

Rather than test out all seven days of the week, you can start by running a poll on your community page. Ask your subscribers what days of the week they prefer to watch your videos on, and test the days that receive the most votes.

Once you’ve determined which day works best, repeat the test with different times of day. Try a morning upload, a midday upload, an evening upload, and a late night upload.

Batch create your videos and schedule their uploads.

Maybe the best time for you to upload doesn’t work well with your filming schedule. For example, your videos could perform best late on Sunday night, but you may like to get up bright and early Monday morning to start working on a major project.

This is where video scheduling comes in handy. This is different than your upload schedule. When you upload a video, you can schedule it to go live at a later time. Therefore, you’re able to schedule your uploads to accommodate your filming schedule.

What’s more, you can schedule several uploads at once. If you’re working on a major project, then you can take one day to batch create videos for the next few weeks, schedule their uploads, and practically leave your channel to run itself while you focus on your project.

Watch the video below to learn everything you need to know about scheduling videos.

Utilize YouTube Premieres for special uploads.

The Premieres feature enables you to turn regular uploads into important viewing events. A premiere is like a scheduled video with more fanfare.

YouTube creates an exclusive watch page for your viewers to visit, complete with a live chat. It also notifies your subscribers a few days and a few minutes before your premiere.

To create your own YouTube premiere, check out the video below.

The right upload schedule will help you reach more viewers within the first twenty-four hours after your video goes live. Utilize video scheduling and YouTube Premieres for even more success.

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