The 5 Most Powerful Social Media For Content Creators

An important part of putting your name out there and marketing yourself is leveraging your social media. The best way to spread word of your videos and content is by posting on different social media platforms.

Here are the most powerful social media sites for sharing and marketing your content.

1. Twitter

Twitter is the most common social media platform that celebrities (musicians, YouTubers, actors, etc.) use to connect with and update fans. This is the most important social media platform to utilize as a content creator looking to connect with your audience.

If you’re unsure how to begin building up your social media, start with making a Twitter. Twitter will be useful in conversing with fans, updating people with your current editing status, compiling Q & A questions, etc.

2. Facebook

Although Facebook may not be as popular as Twitter in terms of consistent updates, almost everyone has a Facebook account and thus checks it regardless. It is not necessary to diligently update your Facebook; these daily updates are meant for Twitter.

However, it is a good idea to post important things on your Facebook page, such as a new video, upcoming meetup event, etc. This way, fans may share these posts among their own circle and reach people who may never have heard of you. Having a Facebook page will also add to your credibility and help you get your name out there because Facebook is the most common social media platform.

3. Instagram

A great way to share photos is through Instagram. While you can also do so through Twitter and Facebook, Instagram offers a more specific way of posting photos and videos. Many celebrities and YouTubers post fairly simple and day-to-day photos on Instagram, and this helps further connect them with their fans by showing a different, more personal side to them.

For example, you may tweet that you’re currently editing this week’s new video, but on Instagram you will post a photo of your favorite breakfast and coffee. Instagram can be used alongside Twitter, and it is also a good social media platform to pad.

4. Snapchat

Nowadays, many YouTubers and celebrities have Snapchat accounts and share their daily happenings with fans through this app. While this is not particularly a necessity, it is an option. Most of today’s youth use Snapchat, so if you’re particularly keen on targeting this demographic, you should definitely make a Snapchat.

This social media platform is fairly easy to use and maintain. All you really have to do is post at least a quick picture or video once a day to update fans on your daily life. This is almost like an all-media form of Twitter and Instagram combined, so it’s not necessarily a heavily important piece of social media to use. However, to further spread your name out there, a Snapchat is will be one of the strongest tools in your arsenal.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is not the most common social media platform among celebrities, but many YouTubers have Tumblr blogs. It reflects your interests and personality, as viewers can view on your Tumblr what you reblog (for example, memes, which signifies a funny personality).

Whereas all the above social media platforms are centered around you posting about yourself, Tumblr is completely different in that you don’t really post anything you compose yourself; you reblog (repost) things you find interesting. In many ways, this is like an inspiration board. In this way, Tumblr blogs indirectly connect you with your viewers and show them your interests without you having to tell them directly.

In the following video, popular YouTuber danisnotonfire goes through his Tumblr tag with his roommate and fellow YouTuber AmazingPhil. They can see what fans post by going under the “danisnotonfire” tag, so in many ways this connects them more personally with fans.

While the content of your videos is important to your success, so is sharing your work. You have to get your name out there to gain recognition, and the best way to do this is to leverage your social media.

So, with this brief guide on the top five social media platforms to take advantage of, remember to reach out to viewers and fans virtually through your social media, because this will definitely help you maintain a larger viewership and constantly growing following.

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