6 Easy And Engaging Video Ideas To Bring In Subscribers

Are you ready to bring in tons of new subscribers? Does the idea of starting a new video series excite you? Do you want a huge boost in views?

Sounds like it’s time to mix things up! Try one of these six easy, engaging video ideas to bring in more subscribers and have fun while doing it.

1. Parody

Which overplayed pop song is stuck in your head right now? What is the one thing that you could rant about for hours? Where is that weird costume you ordered for Halloween and never wore again?

Sounds like you’ve got all of the ingredients for the perfect parody video! Pair a karaoke version of the song with new, goofy lyrics for one of the most fun projects you’ll ever do.

YouTuber Bart Barker is the self-declared king of music video parodies. Check out his hilarious parody of Meghan Trainor’s “No,” which expresses exactly what he thinks about the all-too-catchy song!

2. Big Announcement

Are you moving across the country? Did you get signed to a record label? Did you significant other propose last night?

Now it’s time to share the big news with your subscribers! Get comfortable, and be enthusiastic. It’s best to film this kind of video as soon as possible so that your fans can watch your excitement in real time.

Watch YouTuber Grav3yardgirl reveal a new project to her fans!

3. Challenge Video

How many flavors of Oreos or baby food can you find? Gather a few friends and a few more nasty-tasting foods for an awesome challenge video! Popular challenges include the Jelly Belly Jellybean Challenge and the Baby Food Challenge.

If eating gross food isn’t your style, try a makeup challenge, like Karima McKimmie and Michelle Crossan did with extreme contouring!

4. Life Hacks

When life hands you lemons, how do you hack your way out of it? Share your favorite “life hacks” with your subscribers in this fun video! You can demonstrate different beauty tricks, quick recipes, or Ikea ingenuity.

Check out Nichole Jacklyne’s popular “13 Weird Life Hacks Everyone Needs To Know.”

5. Sketch

It’s hard not to love Saturday Night Live. Though your channel may not have a celebrity host, you can drum up just as many laughs by recruiting a few friends to write and perform a comedic sketch of your very own.

Watch this video by sketch group Sasquatch Comedy!

6. Weird Product Testing

You know that weird “as seen on TV” product you’ve always secreted wanted to try out? Live out your dreams by testing it in your next video!

Film yourself opening the product and attempting to use it. Does it work? How can you make it better? What’s your final verdict?

Grav3yardgirl helped popularize weird product testing with her video series “Does This Thing Really Work?”.

YouTube users are always looking for new, engaging content. Try out one of these six video ideas to bring in subscribers by the dozens!

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