The 5 Most Important Things Every YouTuber Should Be Doing

As a YouTuber, you probably feel as if there are a million things you should be doing in order to set yourself up for success. While you have unlimited options for growing your career, you don’t need to tackle every single bit of advice at once.

These are the five most important things every YouTuber should be doing.

1. Create content you’re proud of.

Burnout is a serious issue many creators face. After months or even years of regular uploads, you may feel stifled in your creativity. You may feel overwhelmed or even be tempted to give up.

The best way to prevent burnout is to consistently create content you’re proud of. Instead of worrying about making your videos the most popular or giving them the widest appeal, concentrate on what you love to do.

Perhaps the best example of creators who focus on content that makes them happy is Jenna Marbles. Rather than following fleeting trends or trying to make her content appeal to everyone, she focuses on videos she truly enjoys filming. Millions of viewers enjoy her content as well.

2. Engage with the audience who supports you.

What sets YouTubers apart from traditional celebrities is the direct connection they have with their fans. Whereas Hollywood stars such as Scarlett Johannson or Emma Stone can get away with not having any social media presence whatsoever, creators who start their careers online can only continue to grow by continuing to engage.

Interacting with your audience online shouldn’t be treated as a chore, though. Find unique ways to connect with your fans, such as starting polls on Twitter or reposting fan art. You might also connect with them in real time by live streaming.

KickThePJ frequently connects with his followers through Q-and-A videos and weekly live streams. However, he also engages with his audience in the real world by attending cons such as VidCon London.

3. Design eye-catching thumbnails and titles.

Do you remember going to the video rental store and scanning the aisles for something that caught your eye? It was likely the cover art or title of a movie that made you want to pick it up. You were more likely to grab the ones that really stood out on the shelf.

In a similar fashion, your video thumbnails and titles need to stand out in order to grab a viewer’s attention as they’re scrolling through videos. A thumbnail should be bright and expressive without being too busy. A strong title needs to be short and impactful, like a newspaper headline.

The best way to learn about good thumbnail and title design is to study examples from the best. Good creators to learn from include Shane Dawson, Rhett & Link, and Karina Garcia.

4. Learn the platform policies inside and out.

YouTube’s policies are constantly evolving. However, any violation of the platform’s established rules could put your channel in jeopardy. Therefore, learning YouTube’s policies inside and out is a key part of your job.

The most important policies to learn are the Community Guideline, the rules involving copyright law, and the COPPA compliance guidelines. These are the issues YouTube takes the most seriously.

You can glean a lot of helpful information from the YouTube Creators channel. The team behind the platform uploads these videos in order to educate creators like you on the policies you need to know about.

5. Develop a secondary stream of income.

As an online creator, you should know better than to put all your eggs in one basket. The internet is ever-changing and unpredictable. No matter how your numbers look today, they could be completely different when you wake up tomorrow. No video is guaranteed to remain monetized.

Therefore, you should develop multiple secondary streams of income. If you want to remain focused on YouTube, start doing sponsored videos or opening up channel memberships. Alternatively, you might sell merch or start a podcast with ads.

You can even set up passive streams of income that do all the work themselves. Check out the video below for a few ideas to get you started.

As a YouTuber, your main focus should be creating content you’re proud of. However, you can continue to bolster your success by engaging with your audience and setting up multiple streams of income.

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