Do This To Optimize Your Midroll Ad Placement

Midroll ads are like commercial breaks for YouTube videos. Monetized creators can place a few midroll ads in every video to increase the revenue they earn by getting views. Placement is everything.

YouTube recently rolled out a new midroll ad editor that brought massive improvement to the experience. These changes were a result of creator feedback on YouTube Studio during its beta days.

In order to optimize your midroll ad placement, follow the tips below.

Place your midroll ads manually.

When you allow your midroll ads to be placed automatically, they may end up in the most inconvenient places possible for viewers. The ad could potentially cut you off mid-sentence or cut through words viewers are trying to read on screen.

In order to prevent these frustrations, you should use the new midroll ad editor to place your midroll ads manually. Check out the video below to get started.

Insert your midroll ads at natural breakpoints.

Whenever you watch TV, there’s a definitive ending to a scene before the commercial. It might be the end of a conversation or a climatic cliffhanger. Whatever it is, the break feels natural rather than forced.

Apply similar principles to your midroll ads. Insert them where your video has a natural pause, a scene break, or a hesitation. You might also insert them right before the “big reveal” or the hook of your video. Don’t insert them mid-sentence or mid-action.

If you’re unsure, use automatic placement as a baseline.

If you aren’t sure where there are natural breaking points to place your midroll ads, then you can start with automatic placement. This feature is supposed to try to find the best places to insert midroll ads for you. However, it’s not entirely accurate.

After you’ve placed your midroll ads automatically, you can go back into the manual editor and adjust them yourself. Using the automatic placements as a baseline, tweak the placement of your midroll ads to allow for a comfortable viewing experience.

Midroll ad placement should feel natural and not forced. Be mindful of the number of midroll ads you insert in a video so that viewers aren’t overwhelmed. A few well-placed ads will go over better with your audience then a slew of automatically placed ones would.

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