3 Ways to Reinvent Your Channel

Sometimes YouTubers (even famous ones) can get stuck in a place where their channel no longer brings them joy or inspiration. Maybe they no longer enjoy the content they’re making, or their viewer and subscriber count has decreased. Whatever the reason, it’s common for YouTubers to reinvent their channel and their overall brand.

If you’re stuck in the same rut, here are three ways you can get your channel back on track.

1. Change your channel name.

There was a time on YouTube where YouTubers were dropping their fun and creative channel name, and changed it to their actual name. This made it professional and easier to brand their image. For example, Macbarbie07 became Bethany Mota, and Velvetgh0st changed to Gabriella.

A channel that goes by your own name can seem boring and uncreative, but it help turns your channel from a hobby into a career.

2. Change your content, but first explain why.

If the content you’re making no longer motivates or pleases you, change it! Some YouTubers fear that if they change their content, they will lose their subscribers. In order to soften the blow, make a video explaining why you’re changing the content of your videos, and let your viewers know it will make you happier and a better creator.

Remember, if you change the content of your channel, some viewers will unsubscribe. But the reward of creating better content you love will outweigh the negative aspects, and will reel in more viewers later on.

3. Start over.

Starting over on YouTube is difficult, but sometimes it’s the only way to reinvent your YouTube career. Starting over can mean adding a brand new channel, or deleting your main channel and starting from scratch.

Although it seems drastic, some people prefer to start with a clean slate. A benefit from starting over is using the skills you already have from your first channel, and applying them to your new channel.

YouTubers never want to feel uninspired about the content they make, but sometimes a do over is needed. Reinventing your brand can range from simply changing your name, to deleting your whole channel. Whichever way you reinvent your channel, make sure to always stay inspired and passionate about the content you’re creating.

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Maria Kristina Lander is Bay Area born and raised. She loves napping with her dog and taking long walks to her favorite ramen place. One day she hopes to be a reporter that will not only give you information, but also perspective.

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