How to Use End Screens to Engage Viewers

YouTube’s new mobile-friendly, customizable feature called End Screens allows content creators to place thumbnails at the end of videos. End Screens can be used to prompt viewers to watch more videos, subscribe to the channel, visit related channels, and more. This feature essentially replaces the need for annotations and creates more engagement between the creator and the viewer.

End Screens can be used to recirculate viewers into watching more of your videos. Here are the best ways to use the new feature to engage viewers.

1. Provide relatable content. 

In order to ensure that the viewer clicks on the provided content, make sure that it is relatable to the video they just watched. Content that isn’t relevant will be ignored and the End Screen will serve no purpose.

2. Include call to action. 

When filming your video, be mindful that you will be including an End Screen. You can format your End Screen to run within the last 15-20 seconds, so be sure to verbally address it as you would annotations.

3. Don’t include vital information.

Make sure the necessary content of your video has concluded before implementing an End Screen. Any new information stated while the End Screen is displayed will distract the viewer.

4. Utilize metrics. 

The tool will collect data to show you how well viewers are responding to it. Pay attention to these metrics and make changes accordingly. Minor tweaks to timing may be a vital factor in viewer engagement.

Take advantage of all tools that YouTube provides to content creators. End Screens allow for more viewer engagement that can help your channel grow.

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