How To Promote Your Next Gig

Booking gigs is an exciting thing, especially for amateur musicians. Of course all musicians – and bookers – want a packed venue! Make use of all the different methods of promoting – besides sticking up your band posters – and get yourself that full house.

Take Advantage of all Sorts of Mediums for Your Advertisement

Make a Facebook event, but also use flyers and handouts. Some people don’t spend a lot of time online, so by using different platforms and mediums to promote, you’ll reach a greater range of people.

Create The Event Page Early

When making an event page for your gig, make it two to three weeks before the date. This will ensure that people have enough time to clear their schedules. If the event page is up early, no one will run into the conflict of wanting to go but making prior engagements.

Make a Countdown to the Date

Before the gig, make sure to pop onto your event page and let people know it’s coming up. Don’t do it every few hours, but maybe one week before, a few days before, and the day of. People oftentimes forget about the events they’ve been invited to in Facebook so this little notification might make the difference.

Offer Other Incentives

If people simply see you as an unknown band, they might not have much motivation to go see you perform. However, if you add on other incentives, it might raise the stakes. If it’s a small venue, tell people you’re going to a restaurant afterwards to meet your fans. If you have any other musician friends, ask them to play with you so you can get their fans out at the gig too. Hold giveaways at the event to draw some more people. Although your focus should be on the music, make sure that you have a few marketing techniques up your sleeve to ensure that you have fans to play to. When your next gig rolls around, use these tips to bring the crowd.

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Vivien Bui is a musician and writer. She enjoys going to concerts, writing at night, and sitting in a coffee shop with a good book.


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