Major Tips For Any Musician Going On Tour

While going on tour is a great experience, many complications can arise. It’s definitely an event that requires a lot of planning, and a lot can go wrong. When in doubt, use this list before you start planning your first tour.

1. Aim for Small Venues


When going on tour as an amateur musician/band, it’s best to try to get gigs at small venues. Even if you get a big venue, it could work against you if not enough people come to fill up the venue space. If you book a small venue space and it’s filled with fans, it provides a better environment for a musician rather than looking into a bunch of empty space.

2. Go on Tour with Another Band

Especially for first time tour adventurers, the feat can seem daunting and impossible. There are a lot of things that could complicate the process. Going on tour with another band would not only provide company, but would market you both as a package deal and draw a bigger crowd.

3. Budget Beforehand

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Before you embark on your tour, plan the destinations and the financial details. Make sure that you have enough money for the distance you want to travel. It’s not only gigs and fun. Tours require money for food, gas, unexpected car complications, and surprise equipment failures.

4. Concentrate on One Specific Geographical Area

It costs more money to travel across the nation than it does to travel across a state. If this is your first tour, don’t aim for a huge road trip. Visit a few towns in a state so that you minimize risk during your first tour experience and test the waters.
Being a musician is fun, but being a musician on the road is even better. To maximize your tour experience, use this list as a guide. Then, hit the road and spread the name of your band far and wide.

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Vivien Bui is a musician and writer. She enjoys going to concerts, writing at night, and sitting in a coffee shop with a good book.

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