How To Promote Your Music By Making Podcasts

Who said the iTunes store is only good for song downloads? Not podcast fans. Podcast shows have been around for ages, ranging in a number of topics from gossip to religion. For the musicians out there, industry secrets and business advice are even available. Dive into the podcasting world and expand your fan demographic.

Getting Started

Making a Podcast is relatively easy. After you’ve figured out what to talk about it, create a high quality audio file (Audacity is a great editing software). Make sure it’s saved as an mp3 and works on an online server (e.g WordPress, Blogger, and Soundcloud hosts your audio files for free).

Next, you’ll want to fill out an RSS description, or profile, for your show. Do this by following the instructions of your host site. If everything sounds good, it’s time to validate your feed.

Using a podcast search engine, locate your show and copy the url. Here you can see the images and title info you’ve created. Submit the RSS url to iTunes and wait while their team reviews it. If it passes, you’ll see your show in the store in no time.

Combine Different Interests

If you’re a musician, let podcasting be an outlet for other interests. A podcast that focuses entirely on your music can be extremely boring, especially for someone who is a casual listener.

Take films for example. You might call yourself the “movie buff” of your bandmates. Turn that passion into weekly episodes where you review box office hits AND their soundtracks. Then you can weave your own music in these shows by using songs as a closing sound off.

However you want to include your music, be it shameless plugs or background noise, don’t over do it. Let the show’s content lead listeners to your band.

Promote Other Podcasts

Mentioning other podcasts that fall within your genre can be extremely helpful. It doesn’t have to be band-to-band promotion either. If you mainly talk about the latest software for musicians, try reaching out to both tech and music shows. Anyway to get more listeners to your show is great for promoting your music. Their listeners can visit your website to be introduced to your band’s SoundCloud and YouTube channel or vice versa.

There’s a whole other fanbase just waiting to be found. Get your microphone ready and get started today.

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