Practical Ways To Grow Your Audience

On YouTube, your subscriber count is your biggest measure of success. A higher subscriber count can unlock new features and monetization tools. It can also earn you one of the coveted YouTube Play Buttons. However, making great content isn’t the only thing you can do to gain more subscribers. There are several growth strategies that have been tried and tested by many different creators over the course of the platform’s history.

Here are a few practical ways to grow your audience.

1. Upload videos over ten minutes long on a consistent schedule.

The only real way to find favor with YouTube’s video ranking algorithm is to be consistent. You should be strict with your upload schedule. Upload your videos at the time on the same day every week. To make this easier, you can schedule your uploads in advance.

You should also try to make your videos more than ten minutes long. Over the years, a lot of vloggers have found that longer videos tend to perform better. A good rule of thumb is to keep your videos between ten and thirty minutes long.

2. Host a subscribers-only giveaway.

Giveaways are a quick and fun way to grow your subscriber count. There are two key factors that play into your giveaway’s success. The first is how you accept entries. In order for the contest to grow your channel, you need to require people to subscribe to your channel to be automatically entered. You can have them leave a comment and turn on post notifications as well.

The second factor in determining your giveaway’s success is your prize. The better your prize is, the more entries you’ll have. A high-value item, such as an Apple product or a coveted new makeup palette, is always a good bet. If you have a good relationship with a sponsor, you might ask them to partner with you to help provide the grand prize.

3. Collaborate with creators whose audiences are different from yours.

Creators have been collaborating with each other practically since the dawn of YouTube. Viewers often subscribe to an entire friend group, helping each member grow a substantial audience. However, while collaborating with the same core group of creators can help your channel in the beginning, your growth will eventually stall.

Therefore, in order to grow, you need to keep collaborating with new people. You should work with creators whose audiences are different from your own. They may reach a different side of your content niche or be super popular with a demographic you haven’t broken into yet. You might even collaborate with a creator from a completely different niche if you can figure out a way to blend your content styles together well.

To grow your channel, be consistent, be creative, and collaborate. You should also host periodic giveaways and continue promoting your channel brand across multiple platforms.

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