How To Build A Community With Other Creators

YouTube isn’t just about creators and their viewers; it’s also a place for creators to connect with each other. As a content creator, you should be using the platform to network, build friendships, and strengthen your community. Your community could be based on content niche, geographic location, or general interests.

Here’s how to build a community with other creators.

Find other creators you’d like to connect with and start engaging with their content.

Decide who you’d like to be in your community or which established community you’d like to join. For example, maybe there’s already a large group of creators in your content niche you’d like to connect with. Maybe you know of a few other YouTubers in your city, but you haven’t met them yet.

Once you identify the creators you’d like to connect with, start engaging with their content. Subscribe to their channels and watch their videos so you can get to know more about them. Then, comment on their videos. If they’re on other social media platforms, follow their accounts and engage with their posts.

DM other creators with messages of support, admiration, or advice.

Since your connections with other creators start online, the next step is to get more personal with a DM. A good time to send the first message is when they follow you back. You can also wait until they comment on one of your posts. Alternatively, you can reply to their Instagram or Snapchat story if there’s a post that you could use as a good conversation starter.

Remember to always be positive and uplifting whenever you reach out to other creators for the first time. Be supportive, such as telling them how much you’re loving the recent changes they’ve made to their content. You can share your admiration for them, such as talking about how they inspired you to start or channel or how much you’re enjoying their new series.

You can also offer advice, but make sure it’s not in a way that can be taken as criticism. For example, you shouldn’t say something like, “I like your videos, but they’d be a lot better if you got an external microphone to record your audio.” Rather, any advice you offer should be directly beneficial, such as, “I think you’d be a great fit for this sponsor I’ve worked with before! Would you like me to pass along your information?”.

Plan meet-ups, whether virtual or in real life.

Finally, you should try to connect with your new friends in real time. The easiest way to do this is a virtual hangout. Try to find a time that works well for everyone and schedule a group Zoom call, Google Meet, etc. To break the ice, you can plan games to play, host a watch party on a popular streaming service, or write down a few talking points.

When it’s possible, you can also plan meet-ups in real life. Schedule them around other events a lot of creators attend, such as conventions. You can plan a big event, such as a party, or you can host something smaller, like a hangout in your hotel room. It’s best to keep it casual so that the focus is more on building friendships with other creators than networking for business opportunities.

Community starts with connection. Support other creators, whether they’re in your niche or your neighborhood. Think of them as your collaborators rather than your competitors, and watch your community blossom.

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