How To Plan A Meetup For Your Viewers

Events such as VidCon and Summer In The City offer viewers the opportunity to meet their favorite creators in real life. However, these events can be expensive, and the majority of viewers would have to travel in order to attend. You can circumvent these problems for your viewers by holding meetups that are just for them.

Here’s how to plan a meetup for your viewers.

1. Analyze your viewer demographics.

Start with your channel analytics. Use your viewer demographics to find out which country or countries most of your viewers are from. Based on what you find, you may need to plan to travel for your meetup. The purpose of a meetup is to go to your viewers rather than making them come to you.

This video will teach you more about viewing your channel analytics.

2. Choose a big and easily accessible city.

Next, choose a city in the country or region you’re traveling to. Pick one that’s centrally located and easy to get to. The bigger the city, the more options you’ll have for venues as well.

When American-British vlogger Evan Edinger visited Slovenia, he held a meetup in Ljubljana.

3. Find a safe and public venue.

Once you’ve decided on a city, it’s time to start researching venues for your meetup. Places such as public parks and mall food courts work for most creators. However, before making any announcements, call the venue well ahead of time and ask for permission to hold a meetup there.

Bad things can happen if you don’t plan ahead. The Dolan Twins held a now-infamous meetup in London’s Hyde Park, which conflicted with a Remembrance Day memorial service.

4. Invite other creators from that area.

Finally, turn your meetup into a bigger event by inviting other creators who live near your venue. If you don’t know of any, invite your local vlogger friends to travel with you. The more creators you can invite, the better. Their fans will come and befriend your fans, helping you foster community between all of the audiences involved.

Vlogger Tana Mongeau decided to host her own meetup convention in California. She invited other creators such as Shane Dawson to join her.

Meetups are one of the most fun ways to connect with your viewers. By planning ahead, you can work out all of the kinds ahead of time and make sure your viewers have the time of their lives.

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