How To Create A Reaction Video

Reaction videos are among the most popular content on YouTube. Viewers love watching their favorite vloggers react to other videos they love. However, making a reaction video requires a few more steps than filming a typical video does.

Here’s how to create a reaction video.

1. Choose something popular and recent that appeals to your audience.

The most important part of your reaction video is what you decide to react to. In order to maximize your views, choose something that’s both popular and recent. Consider trending videos or new music releases.

However, you should also consider what the audience you already have wants to see. Pick something that appeals to them. Base your choice on your viewer demographics or their video requests.

Because Ricky Dillon has been on YouTube for a long time, his many viewers have a wide array of interests. So, Ricky started a series in which he reacts to his fans’ favorite YouTubers he doesn’t usually watch.

2. Write down time codes as you film.

You’ll be watching the video you’re reacting to and filming your reactions at the same time. To make the edit easier, write down time codes from the video and the first few words of what you’re saying every minute or so. This will help you put the right reactions in the right place when you edit the final video.

Check out this video to learn more about filming reaction videos.

3. Edit in a way that helps you avoid copyright claims.

When you edit the video, don’t include the video you’re reacting to in its entirety. In order to avoid copyright claims, turn down the other video’s audio and only show it in clips. Pause the video every thirty seconds or so to talk about it.

To learn more about fair use and avoiding copyright strikes on YouTube, watch this video.

Reaction videos are fun to make and fun to watch. Follow these steps to create a reaction video your viewers will love.

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