5 People YouTubers Must Have In Their Networks

Networking is extremely essential to grow as a YouTuber. It can bring in collab opportunities, sponsorship deals, media coverage and more. Here are the five people you must reach out to and include in your network.

1. Videographers

Every YouTuber must have videographers in their network. Videographers work as part of a production team that creates high-quality videos. They are usually trained in directing, operating the camera, sound and lighting, as well as editing videos. Videographers are especially helpful when shooting advanced videos. If you cannot afford to hire a videographer, you can at least get valuable advice. Therefore, attend conferences and conventions to build a network of videographers. You can also use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to get in touch.

2. Social media influencers

Social media influencers can be instrumental in kick-starting a viral sharing trend for your YouTube videos. Social media influencers can reach a large number of consumers through their blogs and social networks. They can successfully place your videos in front of a large and widespread audience. It is vital to have social media influencers in your network to execute influencer marketing or blogger outreach programs. Reach out to influencers on social media and work on forging meaningful relationships.

3. Journalists

Networking with journalists can be an effective way to get on their radar. Journalists help establish your YouTube channel among a large audience. Therefore, it is crucial to have them in your network. You can reach out to journalists via social media or find them at conferences and trade shows. You can even find a meetup.com group that caters to journalists. Consciously network with journalists to establish and nurture your channel’s brand presence. 

4. Sponsors

Brand sponsorships are a great way to generate revenue from your YouTube videos. Sponsors are constantly on the lookout for creators to partner with. Research relevant sponsors and reach out to them with a pitch. Forge a relationship and ensure you remain in good terms even after the contract expires. This will increase your chances of getting sponsorship deals in the future. Reach out to sponsors through official brand websites or attend advertising conferences to meet prospective sponsors. Make sure you build a professional relationship to keep the ad money rolling.

5. Other YouTubers

Networking with other YouTubers is highly important to keep your channel relevant. It can also open up collaboration opportunities, which is essential to grow your audience. You can promote each other or help shoot and edit each others’ videos. You can reach out to YouTubers on their social media accounts or attend conferences and meet ups. The VidCon is a great place to network with anyone involved with online videos. You can meet other YouTubers, influencers, marketers, production companies, sponsors and talent managers too.

The people in your network can be instrumental in providing new opportunities to thrive on YouTube. They open up new doors and introduce you to more people. Therefore, reach out to the above people and network your way to success.

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